S-788M – Lightweight Multipurpose Shelter

S-788M – Lightweight Multipurpose Shelter

The S788M LMS is a rugged and lightweight small shelter designed for tactical applications such as electronic warfare, telecommunications, command and control, surveillance and others.

The shelter can be integrated with complete operation infrastructure systems, including generator, UPS, air conditioning, mast and antennas, racks, workbenches and cabinets, and user equipment.

Providing high mobility and versatility, the shelter can be transported on a light semi-trailer, on a light truck or off-road vehicle, or hoisted by helicopter. It can also easily fit in a military cargo aircraft such as the C-130 or KC390.

S788M LMS – Lightweight Multipurpose Shelter is intended for easy modification, using mounted 19” racks, shelves, benches, power generator, air conditioner, and telescopic masts, allowing customizations to fulfill many types of operations.

Greater structural strength with less weight is achieved using a light, cost-effective plastic core honeycomb. The result is a more uniform cell structure, without seams for greater uniformity and near isotropic performance with an outstanding energy absorption behavior. The aluminum skins are vacuum welded to the honeycomb core without any delamination issue. Corrosion and mold resistance, associated with negligible pressure loss, assure long life cycle to the panels in addition to be environmental friendly, as they are fully recyclable.

S788M LMS shelters are developed to:

  • Be lightweight, using light materials to avoid impairment of the load capacity of the vehicles;
  • Be rugged with great structural strength to allow assembling over off-road vehicles;
  • Provide EMI shielding needed for military and other operations;
  • Provide thermal insulation, assuring the good performance of the environmental control system;
  • Have high resistance to the elements;
  • Be compatible with light military vehicles
  • Allow customization, according to the application needed
  • An expected Service Life of 15 years

Product Specifications

The S788M Shelter design is based on the MIL-PRF-44408C

Wall Thickness: 52.4 mm (2.1 in)
Shelter Weight: 540 kg (1190.5 lbs)
Shelter Payload:3315 kg (7308 lbs) nominal
Heat Transfer Coefficient:1.7 W/m /K (0.28 BTU/h/ft / F)
Lifting Eyes: Four eyes with 3″ inside clearance. 6350 kg (14400 lbs) tensile load per corner in any direction.
Electromagnetic interference (EMI):Attenuation level of 60 dB in any location of the shelter, at the following frequencies: H-field (150 kHz and 14 MHz) and Plane Wave (400 MHz, 1 GHz, and 10 GHz), in according with IEEE 299-2006 (IEEE Standard Method for Measuring the Effectiveness of Electromagnetic Shielding Enclosures)
Watertightness, Temperature Range: In accordance with ASTM E1975-06
Roof Loads: Snow and ice 366 kg/m (75 lbs/ft ), Personnel and equipment 299 kg (660 lbs) over a 0.19 m (2 ft ) area
Floor Loads:5670 kg (12500 lbs) over a 0.27 m (3ft ) area without permanent deformation
Mounting member support loads: Wall, roof and floor tensile load 907 kg (2000 lbs) followed by 11.3 Nm (100 in.lbf) torque load (5/16″-18 UNC inserts)
Finish: P510.3 or P513 per MIL-F-14072