S-280M Rugged Shelter

S-280M Rugged Shelter

The S-280M Rugged Multipurpose Shelter was specially developed for installations of electronics and telecommunications equipment, being easily adaptable to the specific requirements of each application.

The S-280M can be used in fixed applications, and be easily transported by sea, ground, or air, using for example the Lockheed C-130 or EMBRAER C-390 cargo planes, helicopters, 5-Ton or 2.5-Ton trucks, HMT-4000 semi-trailers, or railway.

The shelter design was based on the MIL-PRF-44408C and ASTM E 1975 military standards.

General characteristics:Lightweight, optimizing the transport vehicle load capacity usage
Ruggedness, with high structural resistance allowing its usage with off-road vehicles
Optional EMI shielding
Thermal isolation, optimizing HVAC system usage efficiency
High resistance to weather
Military vehicles compatibility
Typical occupancy of 4 people
Construction:Walls, roof, and floor are made of vacuum-laminated Aluminum-Honeycomb-Aluminum sandwich panels. These panels present
high structural resistance, corrosion resistance, acoustic isolation, thermal insulation, and low weight.

The profiles forming the edges of the shelter are made of high strength extruded aluminum, contributing to the structural

The 8 vertices of the shelter are reinforced by high strength cast aluminum corners fitted with rings for hoisting, tying-down, and
moving the shelter.

The access door has 4 Aluminum hinges, 3-point roller locks, and silicone rubber along the perimeter, ensuring a perfect sealing
for the shelter. For the EMI shielding option, a conductive gasket is also used.

Roof hatches, roof access folding step stairs, and skids can be installed as options.

All profiles and mechanical hardware used in the S-280BR are manufactured according to the military standards, and have NSN
(Nato Stock Number) coding, making them compatible as spare parts for the S-280C/G shelters.
Integration:The S-280M can be supplied integrated for a wide range of applications such as: telecommunications, communications and
control, communication detection, interception and jamming, intelligence, electronic warfare, interference, location (direction
finder), mobile radar, UAV ground station, VOR/DME station, training/meeting room, medical support, situation management
office, graphics and video production for special operations, topographic operations, ammunition transport, etc.

The S-280M shelter is designed and built according to the requirements and specifications of each application. The integration can include for example: External connection or equipment panels, generator group, isolated compartments for the generator and
storage, HVAC system, CBRN filters, racks, benches, telescoping mast, support and cable entry/connectors for external

Product Specifications

The S280 Shelter design is based on the ASTM E 1975-06 (MIL-S-55286E)

Wall Thickness: 52.4 mm (2.1 in)
Shelter Weight: 540 kg (1190.5 lbs)
Shelter Payload:3315 kg (7308 lbs) nominal
Heat Transfer Coefficient:1.7 W/m /K (0.28 BTU/h/ft / F)
Lifting Eyes: Four eyes with 3″ inside clearance. 6350 kg (14400 lbs) tensile load per corner in any direction.
Electromagnetic interference (EMI):Attenuation level of 60 dB in any location of the shelter, at the following frequencies: H-field (150 kHz and 14 MHz) and Plane Wave (400 MHz, 1 GHz, and 10 GHz), in according with IEEE 299-2006 (IEEE Standard Method for Measuring the Effectiveness of Electromagnetic Shielding Enclosures)
Watertightness, Temperature Range: In accordance with ASTM E1975-06
Roof Loads: Snow and ice 366 kg/m (75 lbs/ft ), Personnel and equipment 299 kg (660 lbs) over a 0.19 m (2 ft ) area
Floor Loads:5670 kg (12500 lbs) over a 0.27 m (3ft ) area without permanent deformation
Mounting member support loads: Wall, roof and floor tensile load 907 kg (2000 lbs) followed by 11.3 Nm (100 in.lbf) torque load (5/16″-18 UNC inserts)
Finish: P510.3 or P513 per MIL-F-14072