Store very sensitve and secure equipment in a secure place and to use the electronic system inside in a fighting or dangerious area or any other tough situation. RCSO Shelters can move quick and easy mounted on mobile land truck. In different sizes and specifications, you can find the perfect shelter for your need.


ISO 1C 20’ Tactical Shelter

The ISO 1C 20′ Tactical Shelter has its dimensions defined by the ISO 668 standard for a 20 ft class 1C container, and was developed for the installation of electronics and telecommunication equipment.



S-280M Rugged Shelter

The S-280M Rugged Multipurpose Shelter was specially developed for installations of electronics and telecommunications equipment, being easily adaptable to the specific requirements of each application.



S-788M – Lightweight Multipurpose Shelter

The S788M LMS is a rugged and lightweight small shelter designed for tactical applications such as electronic warfare, elecommunications, command and control, surveillance and others.