The best end-to-end equipment solution supporting full engineering design services and following customer specification for off-road expedition vehicles and trucks.

Cross Country All Terrain Vehicles and Trucks.

The best end-to-end equipment solution supporting full engineering design services and following customer specification for off-road expedition vehicles and trucks.

Above truck’s bottom level, there is the sub-frame, above the chassis. And on the top of it the platform is mounted and then the shelter, the genset and the mast are  mounted on it.

Full Sollution:

We can buy the truck on your company behalf from a range of different trucks, manufacture to install all the equipment, as trucks and vehicles cross country expedition vehicles in any case we can build it fit to your specific mission. We’re also able to deliver the system in a quick turn-around and short time.

Vehicles should be built according to the specific requirements of each customer every vehicle that are going out from our company facility have specific features. 

Our solutions were tested and certified to comply with all the military standard on rough terrain, and we can also provide installation system inside the shelter or around the platform.

Best option:

Our company based in European country Slovenia on the border with Italy with very easy access to other European countries and close to the sea port we have a highly qualified team to provide you the best solution with the most
cost-effective price.

Our customers benefit of our 07 years of experience and delivery of Special vehicles on off roads cross country in many places around the world.


Customers all around the world have been supported by our team for the last 8 years in many countries at any time we answer fast and try to jump to our customers on site on the best short time that it possible we have in many places around the world sub contactors that are able to support our customers on call.

We also support our customers on vehicles and trucks upgrades which means that we take a current vehicle or truck and we do a change inside the vehicle and outside if needed to install more equipment and to replace the old one which
save money to the customer we do that in a quick turn-around to run the vehicles outside quickly.

RCSO Group
Business Division, RCSO SYSTEMS, has been providing manufacturing for off-road and rugged shelters engineering solutions for complicated mechanical problems and post-sales services.

We understand that service after sales, globally, is a key factor for primes. We are in a very good position to offer
support in many countries worldwide by our qualified partners, helping us to achieve successful delivery on time with the best quality.  

Our manufacturing facility guarantees the highest level of production quality and delivery to be a leader in design, engineering, manufacturing, modification, and post-sales service for both military and off-road shelters, gensets, masts for motor trucks trailers and land vehicles on very specific and though road conditions. 

Our customers are supported for the best price and for the best quality at the same time. Together with our partners we can offer to our customers more than 8 years of experience for qualified manufacturing by our skilled professionals. Our products are tested off-road cross country. 

Full power autonomy for your complete operation time without the need to connect to fixed power station or to get power from other external sources. You can complete your operation withou getting support from the surrounded or other people to support

Store very sensitve and secure equipment in a secure place and to use the electronic system inside in a fighting or dangerious area or any other tough situation. RCSO Shelters can move quick and easy mounted on mobile land truck. In different sizes and specifications, you can find the perfect shelter for your need.

Video monitors built to withstand the most extreme environments and designed to comply with MIL-STD test specifications. For use in aircraft, ground vehicles, submarines and surface ships. Manufactured in the USA with a 2 year warranty. 


With quick assembly and disassembly for fixed or vehicle operation. Choose on a specific mast and use more equipment on less area.

The masts can also be mounted on different vehicles and shelters Contact us and have specific design, according to your requirements.