About Us – Company Profile

RCSO SYSTEMS has been providing manufacturing for rugged shelters engineering solutions for complicated mechanical problems and after sales services.

RCSO has 40 employees located in Slovenia close to Nova Gorica. Our manufacturing facility guaranteeing the highest level of production quality and delivery. RCSO is a spin off STUBELJ D.O.O and RF COM SYSTEMS, commercial, and industrial company headquartered in Slovenia and a fully partner with RF COM SYSTEM well known Brazilian company manufacture military shelters since 1994.

RCSO SYSTEMS Company main target to be a leader in the design, engineering, manufacturing,modification, and after sale service, of tactical shelters, systems, and support equipment for the defense market and for leading defense prime contractors globally.

RCSO is always try to support prime customers for the best price and for the best quality at the same time. Together with our Brazilian partner RF COM SYSTEMS with his 96 employees we offer to our customers more than 22 years experience for shelter manufactures and deployment.

RCSO understand that service after sales globally is a key factor for primes we are in a very good position to offer service after sales in many countries worldwide by our qualified partners.

Manufacture facility RF COM Systems